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“Harry Truman complained that his two-handed advisers were always saying, ‘On the one hand, on the other hand.’ My suggestion for a carbon tax is a one-handed proposal.”
William D. Nordhaus (Carbon Taxes, 2010)
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“There are some beneficial taxes. These would be taxes on bads, which can substitute for taxes on goods.”
William D. Nordhuas (The Spirit of Green, 2021)
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“Is growth obsolete? We think not. Although GDP is an imperfect measures of welfare, the broad picture of secular progress which it conveys remains after correction of the most obvious deficiencies.”
William D. Nordhaus (Is Growth Obsolete, with James Tobin)
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“Green taxes are the holy trinity of environmental policy: they suppose valuable public services, meet environmental objectives efficiently, and improve efficiency.”
William D. Nordhaus (The Spirit of Green, 2021)
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“As the world learned from the Carthaginian peace that settled World War I, the cost of a botched peace in Iraq may be even higher than the price of a bloody war.”
William D. Nordhaus (War with Iraq, 2003)
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“To a first approximation, the economic value of increases in longevity in the last 100 years is about as large as the value of measured growth in non-health goods and services.”
William D. Nordhaus (The Health of Nations, 2005)
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“One of the oldest battles in economic growth involves the struggle between advances in technology and the drag from population and resource exhaustion.”
William D. Nordhaus (The Limits to Growth Revisited, 1992)
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“There is basically is no alternative to a market solution for climate change. The reason is that the people who are going to solve our environmental problem are you, me, and seven billion other people.”
William D. Nordhaus (The Climate Casino, 2005)
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“At its core, economics is the science of choice.”
William D. Nordhaus (Economics, with Paul Samuelson)


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